Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.


My name is R.A. Moseley and through this website I am showcasing

my written and photographic art work.


My passion and interests lie in supporting the process of human awakening

here on this beautiful planet earth.


In this I find Art to be a powerful medium because it teaches the Artist

that awakening is not a preferred state to strive towards; or a struggle to

escape up a mountain that lifts us out of mundane existence. Instead

awakening is a creative process that can be brought to all experiences in

our lives regardless of how we initially perceive and judge them.


So it is the gift of the Artist to be able to apply this process and lift his

consciousness in order to see, to feel and to resonate with the sacred in

each moment that he walks this earth. And not only that; but to communicate

this process to others through the footsteps he leaves.


This website, and the content it contains, is simply a record of my footsteps

as I endeavour to learn the way of the Artist and to serve my mission for the

good of all.